Summary of UEFA Champions League football results last night,

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Summary of UEFA Champions League football results last night, FC Copenhagen 1-3 Manchester City. Summary of last night’s football results with highlights from the UEFA Champions League round of 16, season 2023/24. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

(Mattsson 34 / De Bruyne 10 Bernardo 45+1 Foden 90+2)

The game at The Parken was the away team that had more attacking possession and took the lead early from the 10th minute from Kevin De Bruyne, but then in the 34th minute the home team took advantage of a mistake to equalize 1-1 from Magnu. Mattsson until the end of the first half, Bernardo Silva came to give the visitors the lead again in the 45+1 minute. The second half of the game was quite tight, with each side focusing on playing tightly until the game looked like it would end. With the result 1-2, but then Phil Foden added a goal to confirm the victory for the Blues in stoppage time, sending the team to victory in the first leg 1-3.

RB Leipzig 0-1 Real Madrid

(Diaz 48)

The game at Red Bull Arena, the game was quite close, with each side taking turns attacking and defending, including many chances to score goals. The only goal that happened in this game was Brahim Diaz’s goal that allowed the visiting team to win at the beginning of the second half. Hold the advantage before playing at the Santiago Bernabeu in the second leg.