Southampton buy out Harwood-Bellis from City.

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Taylor Harwood-Bellis Become a member of Southampton. The new Premier League club for next season is officially here. After buying out of Manchester City.

Southampton Last club to confirm Premier League membership for 2024-25 season, sign permanent contract with Harwood-Bellis The key centre-back is already in place after The Saints were promoted as winners of this season’s Championship play-off round.

Harwood-Bellis joins Southampton from Manchester City. With a loan contract throughout the 2023-24 season, with conditions that are mandatory to buy out สมัคร ufabet. If successful in being promoted to the Premier League This option is now enabled. And a transfer worth 20 million pounds happened.

For Harwood-Bellis Is the main force of team manager Russell Martin, who has been used as a starter in as many as 40 Championship games and will continue to be the heart of the defense for fighting in the Premier League next season without having to wonder.

The 22-year-old defender broke into Pep Guardiola’s first team in 2019-20 but has been hard pressed to get game time. Only played in 8 cup games and never played in a Premier League game before. Because previously he was released to Blackburn, Anderlecht, Stoke, Burnley on loan as well as Southampton.