Bale praises Ange Postecoglou performance.

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Former Spurs player Gareth Bale praises Ange Postecoglou’s performance in his first season in charge of the team at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

    Tottenham Hotspur finished 5th in the Premier League this season, better than last season’s 8th place finish, despite losing their most important person, Promotion ufabet Harry Kane, who moved to Bayern Munich. Which stated that this was a success for the club and praised Postecoglou’s skills in his first year at the club.

    “I think they have had a very successful season,” Bale said. “The biggest problem is that they started well and the expectations were too much, too soon. It’s not very fair.”

    “Ange did a great job, losing Harry (Kane) is a big loss. With the number of goals missing, so finishing higher than the previous season speaks volumes about how well the manager performed. He also made the team play in the same Tottenham way.”

    “I’ve been back to watch some games this season and it’s been really fun to see, and Ange is the right person for the job. If they have a great transfer market this summer. Which I am sure they will do. They will be in a better position next season.”