Iwobi reveals he is in his most confident phase since joining Everton

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Everton midfielder Alex Iwobi talks about his years at the club as he feels he is starting to be a full-fledged part of the squad.

The 26-year-old midfielder is contracted until mid 2024, having been switched from winger to midfielder during the past year. And he has done a satisfactory job that has made him one of the favorites of Everton fans.

“A fan favorite… I’m not sure. Because Everton is a club with many fans. But of course, to get the cheers. It’s what gives you the confidence to play. The cheers will keep you from running. You can do anything you didn’t think you could. because of those cheers It’s something every player wants. I think this is the best time. And my most confident since moving to Everton. And I still have a two-year contract with the team. There’s still a lot going on. I’m starting to feel like I’m part of Everton. Even though I can’t speak with a scouser accent But I tried to say But still not good.” The UFABET report

Nigeria national team midfielder moved to Everton in 2019 and he admits that over the past three years A lot of changes in the team including the manager. including the players causing the team to lack consistency including with his body

“You only play well one or two games and then become bad again. It’s something I’ve been through before. Consistency in my work is very important to me. But my experience taught me that You can’t play well every game. Likewise, you can always have a bad day, and if you don’t have a bad day. You will never grow up. Going through bad days, bad games, it makes me stronger. You have to prove yourself, what have you done wrong, and how you can do better. I think the mind is something that can be refined. And I want to play to show everyone who previously criticized me. I’m not like that I have family, friends and people around me to support every difficult time.”

Iwobi has made 104 appearances for Everton, scoring 7 goals and 9 assists