how to play baccarat Basics you should know

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Let’s start with the table for playing baccarat first. Did you know that the baccarat table that we see? Actually, there are many types and types. But what we see until we get used to it is that there are 2 positions: the position of the player. Play (Player) with the banker (Banker) only. And each table type will affect how to play baccarat  or not and how?

What types of tables are there? then about How to play baccarat?

What types of tables are there?  then about  How to play baccarat?

1. Table for playing baccarat in an online casino

is the baccarat table that we are most familiar with Since it only works in Online casino websites only. Because it is a table that does not have real players. This type of table is divided into 2 sides, namely the left bank and the right bank, with one side being the Player or the Player with the other side being the Banker or  Banker And the casino service provider will have a camera. for the live broadcast for playing online At the same time, the screen will have graphics showing statistics and past results on the screen as well. สมัคร UFABET

2. Table for playing baccarat with two dealers, 2 employees

Tables that are actually used in casinos This type of table has seating for 12 players and 2 casino employees, with the 1st employee dealing the cards. Another employee is in charge. and directing the customer’s bets how to play baccarat In a real casino quite stressful enough

3. Table to play baccarat in the style of Three Dealers, 3 employees

It is the largest table in the casino. Because it is a table that can allow 14 players to play together. how to play baccarat While there are a lot of people playing, maybe that’s good. (Have a lot of friends) Sometimes it’s not good because it will distract us. and may be difficult to play baccarat get money This type of table will have 3 employees of the casino, consisting of 1 staff who dealt cards and 2 people take care of it. and manage customer bets

4. How to Play Baccarat at a Seven Players Table

It is the table that customers like to sit and sit the most. because it is a table that is not small Or too big, good size, consists of a seat for 7 players and one casino employee acts to deal cards. and take care of customer bets But there will be another staff to control the order, also known as DI at the table. (Some casinos don’t have it)

5. Nine Players Table

how to play baccarat There are 9 seats in a table like this, which is the author’s favorite table. This kind of table will have 1 member of the casino to deal cards. and take care of customer bets And some casinos will have another employee called DI to supervise again.