Guardiola said the sailors played their game at the wrong time

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola is pleased with the performance of his team behind Borussia Dortmund before coming back to score a 2 win. -1 in the Champions League group stage game

Jude Bellingham netted for the visitors early in the second half, before John Stones and Erling Haaland each netted in the final 10 minutes of the game. led the Blues to win two consecutive games in the group stage

“I think in the first year I came to manage the team. When we are behind, we cannot come back at all. At that time we didn’t have the ability to turn the game back on. Dortmund defended very well in this game, Bellingham and Ozach also defended. But our real problem is that we don’t play in our rhythm. Later we can do more. Last year we came back to beat Aston Villa, we became champions of the league, and this year we have many games like this. Having a player like Julian Alvarez in the squad helps us a lot in the box.”

“I think we have a problem in this game. We play the wrong game Until it all started to fall into place in the last 35 minutes, we were 1-0 down, we had substitutions. And adjust the tempo of playing again. John Stones’ shot, it may not be the rhythm that we play together. But it’s the right time. He shoots very well. After we have been unable to do anything throughout the game. with the rhythm of our own improper play.” The UFABET report

Manchester City are set to play their third game in the Champions League. League and home games against FC Copenhagen 6 October 2022