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Is it safe to eat celery?

Eating celery or applying it to the skin as a short-term treatment is quite safe for healthy people. Other forms of celery. Such as seeds or oil extracted from celery. It should be eaten in the amount normally found in food. However, eating may cause side effects

Antioxidants foods Where can I find it?

Antioxidants They are often found in fruits, vegetables and other foods. We may divide foods that contain antioxidants into groups based on the type of nutrients as follows: Vitamin C Vitamin C has antioxidant properties that help in the cell building process. Helps heal wounds, strengthens the

10 foods to “detox” the body, drive waste

Have you ever heard of the term “detox” ? Many Thai people like this word very much. Because I understand that it’s doing something that will help drive waste out of the body. Some people go beyond the excretion of various toxins. out of the body ever UFABET Health recommends a simple

4 ways to eat “cleanse the intestines” to stop fungus

Cleanse the intestines, solve the problem of intestinal fungal infections, especially Candida. It’s a problem that always bothers you girls. cause unpleasant symptoms from stomach walking until vomiting Some people may fall ill and go to the hospital. Dr. Gary Nal recommends basic solutions in the book Eat Well

What causes ingrown hairs?

Has anyone ever had a problem with ingrown hairs? Ingrown hair are a skin problem that bothers girls very much because in addition to making our skin look uneven. It can also cause a lack of confidence. Have you ever wondered how ingrown hairs happen? How to cure it.

How to play baccarat to be rich, must read

Gambling must say that Over 90% of people who come to play hope to get money back, hope to win and hope to be rich, of course. In the rules of playing with that money Everyone already hopes for money. But reputed to be gambling There are both playable and