Is it safe to eat celery?

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Eating celery or applying it to the skin as a short-term treatment is quite safe for healthy people. Other forms of celery. Such as seeds or oil extracted from celery. It should be eaten in the amount normally found in food. However, eating may cause side effects in some people. Such as skin inflammation or increased sensitivity to sunlight. In addition, some people should be more careful when using or eating as directed. Recommend the following

  • Pregnant women should avoid eating celery in large quantities in any form. Because it may cause the uterus to shrink and risk miscarriage UFABET 
  • Women who are breastfeeding should not eat seeds or oil. Because there is still no information confirming safety.
  • People who are allergic to certain vegetables may also have an allergic reaction from eating or using various products that contain celery.
  • May increase your risk of bleeding when eaten in large amounts. People with bleeding disorders should avoid it.
  • People with kidney disease should not eat or use celery in large quantities. Because it may cause inflammation as a result.
  • Eating large amounts can lower blood pressure. People with low blood pressure should consume with caution.
  • People undergoing surgery should stop eating at least 2 weeks beforehand. This is because celery may interact with anesthesia or other medications used during or after surgery. And results in the central nervous system working more slowly
  • Some medicines may interact. Including levothyroxine, lithium, and certain light-sensitive medicines. Sedatives or drugs that cause drowsiness, etc. People who regularly take drugs or have chronic diseases. Always consult a doctor before taking as medicine.