4 ways to eat “cleanse the intestines” to stop fungus

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Cleanse the intestines, solve the problem of intestinal fungal infections, especially Candida. It’s a problem that always bothers you girls. cause unpleasant symptoms from stomach walking until vomiting Some people may fall ill and go to the hospital. Dr. Gary Nal recommends basic solutions in the book Eat Well for Well, Health Clinic Publishing that cleansing the colon will help reduce such infections. by doing the following:

Constipation, frequent belching, oily face, pimples, bad breath, bloated abdomen, etc. Detox the intestines  can help! I believe that many people are facing more or less these problems. Especially the new generation whose lives are in a hurry for almost everything. But few people may know that the real solution is not taking laxatives. Looking for expensive skincare Or buy a toothpaste to deodorize your mouth. Because the real source may come from our  “intestinal” .

1. No processed white bread and dried grains. Including various processed meats

2. Eat vitamin C, biotin, vitamin B6 or eat garlic with every meal.

3. Drink fruit and vegetable enzyme juice such as papaya juice, watermelon juice, which helps cleanse the intestines and treat other chronic diseases at the same time.

4. Add kombu seaweed to the mixed vegetable juice made from carrots, celery, parsley and spinach. will make mixed vegetable juice with higher potassium Beneficial to the internal system of the body.

Try to do it. In addition to making the colon clean. Don’t worry about yeast infection. It also helps to be younger and more gentle than ever. Information From UFABET