What are the types of payment cards?

Probably many of us have encountered the situation when the seller refuses to make card payments for small purchases. It was almost standard to provide information on the possibility of making a non-cash transaction with an amount over PLN 10. If someone tried to find the reason for this situation, they certainly learned that this is a practice that does not comply with the provisions in the contracts between the store and the terminal owner.

In 2012, it averaged as much as: 1.6% on transactions made with the VISA card and 1.64% on payments made with the MasterCard.

Why did the owners of many stores decide on such a step?


To enable consumers to pay by card, the entrepreneur must sign the appropriate contract under which he receives the terminal. Then, for each use of the device must pay a commission.

Additionally, the cost of renting the device, the system fee and the sales commission should be added to this amount. After summarizing the fees, the profit turned out to be negligible for the entrepreneur. On the other hand, terminal owners benefited, i.e. most often banks. However, now less and less often we find cards with the information “Payment by card from PLN 10”. Why? Certainly, the Cashless Poland Foundation has a great impact on the disappearance of this phenomenon and the dissemination of card transactions.

The main objectives of the Cashless Poland Foundation include:

  • popularization of non-cash transactions among Poles,
  • promotion of entering through shops, offices, service outlets and many other possibilities of transaction execution using a card, BLIK system, etc.,
  • information and education activities regarding the operation of non-cash transactions,
  • promotion of innovative solutions to improve cashless payments.

By joining the program, a given company receives a free terminal and a guarantee of no fees for clearing cashless transactions. Only after exceeding 100,000 turnover PLN (non-cash payments) per year will be deducted fees previously agreed with the agent.

Payment cards everywhere?


How many times did you run out of cash in your wallet when you could not pay by card? If this happens quite often, it may mean that we have become more and more used to the convenient use of payment cards and do not remember to choose cash from an ATM.

Currently, different types of cards are available at financial institutions. Using payment cards makes shopping much easier, or just going to a pub or restaurant. We don’t have to worry about the amount of cash in your wallet. When paying, we only remove the card, put it on the terminal, enter the PIN and after trouble. Contactless transactions are even more convenient when you don’t have to enter your PIN.

Situations in which we have to pay in cash are less and less frequent


Payment terminals already have even small bakeries. The symbol of a breakthrough in the widespread use of payment cards was the introduction by the Good store network of the possibility of using a non-cash payment method. Do you remember situations when Good did not support card payments? It was so troublesome that after some time, ATMs were introduced inside the stores.

After all, such an idea did not solve the problem anyway, because the person who ran out of cash had to leave the shopping cart, skip the queue, withdraw cash and return to the cashier. Time consuming and complicated. On the example of Good you can see how much card payment has become a habit for Poles.

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