A Loan Without BIK for Monthly Installments – Will We Get it Online?

In a situation where the bank rejects our loan application, a loan without BIK in installments may help us, which we obtain in some companies that grant non-bank loans.

Not until recently, most companies verified their clients through debt registers such as Erif. BIK (Credit Information Bureau) databases have so far been available only to banks, which through them could check whether the customer has some debts or delays in repayment of loans. Some borrowing companies also have access to such a database, which may make it difficult for some people to get a loan.

At the time, most people who failed to get credit from the bank because of their poor history at BIK bases were heading towards loan companies. Now such an operation will not always have a chance of success, due to the fact that more and more companies verify the credit history of their clients via the BIK database. If we look well, we will find such information on the websites of such companies as, for example, hypocredit, Zenga or trucredit. Although each of the listed companies performs verification of clients via the aforementioned database, the delay visible from the BIK database level does not necessarily mean the rejection of the loan application. This is only one of the factors taken into account when granting the loan. Negative credit history in BIK may therefore have an impact on the overall assessment of our creditworthiness, but it will not be the primary factor on the basis of which the company will decide to grant us a loan. Information about the delay in repayment of the loan may be in the BIK database for up to 5 years from the date of loan repayment completion. And it is known that for such a long period of time, the credit history of the client could have improved significantly.

Non-bank Loan without BIK in installments

Non-bank Loan without BIK in installments

Obtaining a loan without verification at BIK should not be so complicated. First of all, not all companies providing non-bank loans for monthly installments verify in BIK databases. The vast majority of these types of companies verify their clients in debtors’ registers, and thus, for example, the National Register of Debts or Erif. Therefore, if our data is in these databases, we can have a much bigger problem with obtaining a loan online at the bank or even a non-bank loan. We can find such databases in a situation if we have significant delays in paying phone bills, invoices for the Internet or cable television. However, it is much easier to get rid of the debt from such bases. While the information in BIK may be in the database, even for 5 years from the moment of closing the loan obligation, information about the debt from the debtors’ database may disappear even within 14 days from the repayment of the debt. Therefore, a loan without BIK in installments will always be more easily available through a loan company than through a bank.

In which companies will we get a loan without BIK?

In which companies will we get a loan without BIK?

The easiest way to check this is by verifying information on individual websites of companies providing loans. Each of these companies informs on their websites about the conditions to be met in order to obtain a loan through them. In addition to a specific age or required documents, information should also be given there on which bases the company performs verification of borrowers. Our experience shows that companies providing non-bank loans or payday loans usually verify the KRD, ERIF, and sometimes BIG Infomonitor databases. Most of these types of loan companies give loans completely via the internet and without having to leave the house.

However, there are also such companies for which information about the borrower taken from the aforementioned databases will be the least important. For these companies, other factors will be much more important according to which they will be able to give us loans. Of course, we are talking about loans for indebted people, which are granted without the need to carry out verification in BIK or KRD databases. The best example of a company providing these types of loans can be the Lapuda Cash offer. The company provides high loans without BIK for monthly installments, the amount of which can reach up to PLN 25,000. It is not necessary to have a positive credit history to obtain it. Here, to receive a loan, there will be a more important completely different factor. An essential element to get a loan in Lapuda is having a loan guarantor or a second, additional person who will help us in obtaining it. Such a person should have adequate capacity and credit history. With the help of such a person, we will have the chance to get financial help, even in the most difficult financial situations.

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