A loan for 19 years – the first minute to 3000 PLN

In Hypocredit, a loan for 19 years is available to all people who have income to repay the loan and the appropriate credit history, without debts in the databases.

If I’d ask anyone about the three best-known companies that give me time off, I’m sure each of them would be exchanged among such companies, Hypocredit. I do not know the current popularity rankings, but it seems to me that Hypocredit is the most popular company providing payday loans in Poland. Recently, people over the age of 19 have also been able to get a loan for Hypocredit.

As everyone knows, loan companies have their own conditions for potential borrowers. This is usually the appropriate credit history, creditworthiness or income and the age of the person applying for a loan. In the case of Hypocredit since the beginning of its operation in our domestic market, the required age was completed 21 years.

In Hypocredit, a loan has been available for 19 years

In Hypocredit, a loan has been available for 19 years

At the beginning of February 2018, the company decided to change the above condition and now in the faq available on the company website, we find a record that the Hypocredit loan is available to people from 19 years. Can we expect a similar record in the case of the Zaplo non-bank loan , which also operates under the wings of the same company? I have not been able to determine this for the time being.

Hypocredit is one of the first companies to start popular online payday loans in Poland. Currently, the company’s offer includes short-stays up to PLN 3,000, which can be used by people reaching for the first loan in the company. The first loan is available for free, without additional fees, provided that the entire amount borrowed is returned within the set time limit. Regular customers using the company’s services can expect an extended limit of loans, which can reach up to PLN 7,500.

All formalities express and online. The offer of Hypocredit’s payday loans will surely satisfy all those who count on a quick cash injection. The company allows you to get a loan without additional certification, with a direct transfer to your account even within a dozen minutes of accepting the application. It can not be concealed that the company has the best score among the hitherto weekly rankings published by me, which appears every month on the pages of the blog.

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