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3000 euros payday loan, is basically available without much difficulty if some basic requirements are met. But even if each bank offers a small loan in the amount of 3000 euros, so consumers should compare well, because only then they can secure really good conditions for a 3000 euro payday loan.

Even if the sum sounds relatively small, a lot comes together, especially when longer maturities, such as 48 months, are chosen to keep the rate as low as possible. The decisive factor is therefore always the interest rate, which is offered for a 3000 euro loan. In comparison, three providers are currently performing particularly well and are facing the competition. The three top providers are Europe Creditors Bank, online loan and Camibank. All three providers enter the race with an online loan with immediate approval, thus ensuring immediate planning security.

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When it comes to the acceptance rate, Europe Creditors Bank and Camibank are doing very well in the race. Of course, there are also providers with a higher acceptance rate, but these all wait with a higher interest rate. Europe Creditors Bank ranks third with a € 3,000 payday loan and offers a credit-based interest rate of between 4.40% and 11.95%. With a maturity of 48 months and a good credit rating, the monthly rate is just € 68.16. The offer of Credito-Online is in second place and convinces with interest rates of 4.35 percent to 10.90 percent.

The monthly credit, with a maturity of 48 months and a good credit rating by the provider, is therefore 68.16 euros. The Camibank has clearly placed first. It offers a credit-based interest rate of 4.29 percent to 9.99 percent and convinces with their offer. The loan, for a 3000 euro payday loan, is just 68.02 euros and this for 48 months. Certainly, there are also interesting offers among the less well-placed offers, so it’s worth taking a look. Since, of course, loan size and duration can be varied, an individual comparison should always be made for personal credit requirements.

Little things that have to be fulfilled for taking a small loan

Little things that have to be fulfilled for taking a small loan

If a € 3,000 payday loan is needed, the bank checks as carefully as if a loan with a higher loan amount is needed. The basic requirement is, of course, the age of majority of the applicant, because under 18 years no credit may be granted. Another must is a permanent residence in Germany. This is also checked by means of a post identification procedure. But it is also important that there are no negative private credit entries. Since all banks based in Germany obtain a private credit information, negative private credit entries are the end of the loan application. But a very important point is the employment relationship.

For the borrowing a permanent employment relationship should be present. This is about dependent employment. These must have been in existence for at least 6 months so that the probationary period has already ended. In addition, there may be no time limit on the employment relationship. On the other hand, the amount of income does not play too great a role in a € 3,000 paydayloan. Some banks want to take additional insight into the bank statements of recent months. This has the meaning tha t the self-report can be checked.

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